Things Not To Do on a First Date

By | Oct 3, 2007

1.   Talk about past relationships.  This is the time for the two of you to get to know one another.  Talking about a past relationship can give the other partner on the date a wrong impression.  Not to mention give them a signal that you may talk about them to someone else.

2.   Don’t talk about kids and pets.  It’s alright to answer a question, but don’t bring up the fact that there may be 5 kids a home waiting to see how the date goes.  It could easily drive the person away and no matter how well the date goes there may not be another.

3.   Don’t share food.  Or more exact don’t eat off of the others plate.  Even if asked it may be looked upon wrong if you take too much or not enough.

4.   Don’t make comments about the location. It’s possible that it may be the favorite place of one and the other thinks it’s a dive.

5.   Admire other people.  This is especially true with guys.  Many times there eyes may wander to another attractive person in the room and this will give a real bad impression.

6.   Not walking the date to the door.  Men need to make certain that their dates are safe and the women need to allow their date to feel they are doing so.


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