The Delmarva Peninsula

By | Sep 21, 2007

The Delmarva Peninsula occupies portions of three states. It’s named from letters from Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. At its north is the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which technically makes from this point south an Island, since you can’t get on or off without crossing a body of water. However it’s still regarded as a peninsula since the canal is man-made.

From the Northern point to it’s southern point at the tip of the Eastern Shore of Virginia it’s about 180 miles. At it’s widest it’s about 60 miles, although most of the peninsula is much narrower. The land area is about 5.45 million square miles.

The other bodies of waters surrounding the peninsula are to the East – Delaware River, Delaware Bay, Atlantic Ocean; to the West The Chesapeake Bay and to the South the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

There are 5 bridges over the C&D canal. These are at MD 213, Delaware 896, US 13, Delaware 1 and Delaware 9. There is also a railroad bridge that crosses the canal east of Delaware 896. The only other access other than by ship is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, crossing from Sandy Point near Annapolis to Kent Island, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel crossing the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay from Norfolk to the southern tip of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Nine of Maryland’s 23 counties are located on the peninsula. These being the counties of Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, Worcester and a portion of Cecil County. The Virginia counties of Accomack and Northamption and the Delaware Counties of Kent, Sussex and a portion of New Castle County makes up the rest.

At various times in its history residents of the Maryland and Virginia portions of the peninsula have propose that they should secede from their respective states and join Delaware to create a new state called Delmarva.

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