Bad Technology Habits

By | Sep 7, 2007

1.   Talking on the cell phone at inappropriate places.  People when they are talking forget where they are or who may be around when they are having a conversation on the phone.  The guy next to you in the grocery line, or sitting in front of you in a theater don’t want to hear your end of the conversation and you may not want them to hear it either.

2.   Interrupting a conversation to answer you cellphone.  If you are talking with a client, is the caller more important than the client.  Probably not.

3.   Constantly checking email.  It’s better to check them in batches than when each mail is delivered.  Turn off notification and build into your schedule email time.  You will be more productive.

4.   Don’t use unusual ringtones.  A ringing phone at the wrong time is embarrassing, but one in a business meeting that plays your favorite rock song may be worst.

5.   Hiding behind Voice mail. Too many people will not answer the phone, let voice mail take the message and then respond to the voice mail.

6.   Calling back a number on CallerID  when a message wasn’t left in voice mail. It could have been a incorrect dialed number or the caller needed the answer right then nd not later.  It’s even possible that you may have already talked with that person since they called.


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