World’s Tallest Buildings

By | Jul 24, 2007

1. On July 21, 2007 the developers of Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates reported that the building, which is not scheduled for completion until 2009, has reached the height of 1680 feet. This would make it the world’s tallest.  The final height is being kept in secret.

2. The Taipel 101 in Taipei, Republic of China completed in 2003 stands at 1670.60 ft to the tip of it’s spire. The building has 101 floor.

3. The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, completed in 1998 each stand at 1482.9 feet. Each tower has 88 floors. Each of the towers have foundations that are 250 feet deep. Between the 41st and 42nd floors of the tower is a skyway. The skyway is the highest 2 story bridge in the world.

4.   The Sears Tower in Chicago. Illinois USA stands at 1721 feet and was completed in 1974.  At the time of its completion it had become the world tallest building passing the World Trade Center Towers in New York City.  The World Trade Center was the world’s tallest for only a year.  The Top of the Sears Tower is the highest point in Illinois.

5.   The Jin Mao Building in Shanghai, China completed in 1998 has a height of 1380 ft.

6.  The tallest structure in the world is the  KVLY-TV mast near Fargo North Dakota USA.  It is a transmission antenna consisting of a bare metal structure supported by guy-wire.  Its top is at 2063 feet.


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