The Death of William Desmond Taylor

By | Jul 27, 2007

On the morning of February 2, 1922, the body of silent film director William Desmond Taylor was discovered at his home. The director had been killed by a shot in the back. In his pockets was his wallet with 78 dollars, a silver cigarette case and an ivory toothpick. A 2 caret diamond ring was […]

World’s Tallest Buildings

By | Jul 24, 2007

1. On July 21, 2007 the developers of Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates reported that the building, which is not scheduled for completion until 2009, has reached the height of 1680 feet. This would make it the world’s tallest.  The final height is being kept in secret. 2. The Taipel 101 […]

Dover International Speedway

By | Jul 20, 2007

1.   In 1969 Dover Downs opened. Located in the northern part of Dover Delaware it is a unique facility that serves a dual purpose. It was designed as a track for both auto and horse racing. 2.  In 1982 the Busch Series race began racing on the Saturday before the Cup race on Sunday.  This […]

About Trans Fats

By | Jul 19, 2007

1. The official term is Trans Fatty Acids and is a type of unsaturated fat. While naturally occurring, most of them are created as a side effect of partial hydrogenation of plant oils. Partial hydrogenation changes a fat’s molecular structure so that it raises its melting point and reduces rancidity. 2. About 100 years ago […]

Friday the 13th

By | Jul 13, 2007

A Friday that occurs on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in many cultures around the globe. Any month that begins on a Sunday will contain a Friday the 13th. Every year has at least one and some may have as many as three Fridays the […]

Russian Czar’s (Tsar)

By | Jul 10, 2007

1. Originally and during most of its history, the title tsar which is derived from Caesar, meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term. In other words, a ruler who has the same rank as a Roman or Byzantine emperor. 2. Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) – Ivan was the first to assume […]

Fan Dancer Sally Rand

By | Jul 8, 2007

“Sally Rand” was born as Harriet Helen Gould Beck in Elkton, Missouri on Easter Sunday, the 3rd of April, 1904. She was the daughter of Nettie Grove, a Pennsylvania Dutch Quaker, and Corporal William Beck, a veteran of the Spanish-American War. She left home at the age of thirteen to work as a cigarette girl […]

They Started in Vaudeville

By | Jul 7, 2007

1) Abbott and Costello – Technically they came from the burlesque tour, coming together in 1936 after performing separately. Their act was built by refining and reworking many of the familiar vaudeville and burlesque sketches. 2) Bob Hope – From the age of 12 Hope worked doing dance and comdey, including winning a prize for […]

Silent Film Leading Man Harrison Ford

By | Jul 6, 2007

Harrison Ford, the silent film actor was born March 16, 1884 in Kansas City, Missouri. He began acting on stage and made his Broadway debut in 1904. In 1915 he turned to film and moved to Hollywood. He became a leading man opposite stars such as Constance Talmadge, Norma Talmadge, Marie Prevost, Marion Davies, and […]

Silent Film Comedy Star Mabel Normand

By | Jul 4, 2007

Mabel Normand was born on November 9, 1892, in New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. Her parents were Mary Drury Normand and Claude G. Normand. There are accounts that give her birth as November 10, with the year given usually being 1894 or 1895. Of their children, only four survived childbirth: Ralph, Claude, Jr., Gladys, […]

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