Reasons to wait to get the Apple iPhone

By | Jun 26, 2007

1. Many Enterprise businesses use an exchange server for email, at present there is no support for exchange. There may be workarounds to this. Most are considered to be at best a nightmare for support persons who won’t be able to look at them until it’s released.

2. It does not have a removable/replaceable battery. Heavy users will need to charge the battery every day. If it goes dead while in use, you can’t replace the battery with a previously charged one and go on your way. Once the battery is dead, there’ll be no easy way to replace it.

3. It’s not available on any other carrier other than AT&T. If AT&T coverage in your area is poor than the iPhone may not be anything more than an iPod. Remember AT&T is the old Cingular. Cingular usually rated near the bottom of Consumer Reports in service in many metropolitan. They may be the biggest carrier, but that was mostly accomplished by mergers.

4. The total cost may not be appealing. AT&T is requiring a renewal to any existing plans when an iPhone is purchase. The initial 500-600 dollars is just the beginning. AT&T contract requirements could easily quadruple the price by requiring subscriptions to a data as well as a calling plan.

5. The iPhone is not equipped for AT&T 3G wireless data network.

6. The touch-screen is unproven. How soon will it be scratched? How long can it take the use? These questions won’t be answered until users have them in hand. In fact most of the technology in the new iPhone is unproven. Can you afford to throw all of your digital life into one device?

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