Reasons to get the Apple iPhone

By | Jun 25, 2007

1. The iPhone is based on Apple’s OS X operating system and uses their Safari browser, which is reported to be better than any current cellular connection to the Internet.

2. The size of the screen and the fact that it uses a touch screen makes it easier to use than current devices.

3. It can be connected to the Internet using WiFi hot spots as well as through the AT&T cellular network.

4. One device for all. Cellphone, Internet device, camera and MP3 player all in one small device.

5. You work in technical support and know that somewhere along the line you will be required to support it and put it into service in your company. Prepare for the future.

6. It’s pretty, sure to be revolutionary and you need to be the first one in the area to have one.

Check back tomorrow for the reasons to wait.


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