Cheating in Baseball

By | May 22, 2007

Over the years that there has been professional baseball there has been those who cheated. Is it really any surprise that drugs (steroids as well as amphetamines and other legal and illegal supplements) have been used to help players? For that reason alone one would have to accept the records of Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, who haven’t been caught (although Sosa was caught using a corked bat) and Palmeiro who did test positive for steroid use.

Grounds crews have since the game began and still today will cut the grass in a way that helps their own batters or to hinder the other team. If a team is a good running team the sidelines may be slanted to keep the balls in play.

Players have doctored the bat so that it will help them. Players who have been caught using corked bats include Sammy Sosa and Albert Belle. Craig Nettles was even caught with super balls inside his bat.

Pitchers have been doctoring balls forever. At one time it was perfectly legal for a pitcher to throw a spitball, but after it was made illegal pitchers still found a way to do it. Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton are rumored to have learned to grease the ball with vasaline and Phil Niekro was caught with a nail file.

Players have been playing dirty since the 1880’s and Jon McGraw. He would use his spikes on players to prevent tags, and created some of the ground keeping tricks. Ty Cobb even sharpened his spikes to intimidate opposing players. Even as recent as the 2004 playoffs there were attempts to pull fielders off the bag to prevent an out.

Perhaps the worst cases involve cheating for the purposes of winning games for gamblers or gambling on the game themselves. 8 men were suspended in 1920 for throwing the 1919 World Series and Pete Rose was suspended for gambling on games.


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