Comic Book Superheroes The Fantastic Four

By | May 7, 2007

1.    The Fantastic four first appeared in November 1961 in Marvel Comics.  They were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. One legend has it that because of the success of DC Comics Justice League of American, Marvel wanted a super-team.  Lee and Kirby created a team that was like a family. In fact they were a family since two members were brother and sister, and the sister ended up married to another.

2.    The Fantastic Four acquired superhuman abilities when the experimental rocket ship designed by scientist Reed Richards and launched in an effort to reach space sooner than the Russians passed through a storm of cosmic rays. After crashing back to Earth, the four found themselves transformed and possessed of bizarre new abilities.

3.    Reed Richards – Scientist and unofficial leader of the team. Also known as Mr. Fantastic because he can convert his body mass into a highly malleable state at will.

4.    Susan Storm Richards – When she was 12 she met Reed Richards, who is 10 years older, becoming infatuated with him from afar.  Years later when Reed was working on his rocket, the two came together again.  She was the first discover her new talent becoming invisible.  This turned out to be just a part of her talents since she can turn other things invisible and create force fields.

5.    Jonathan (Johnny) Storm – The younger brother of Susan and was visiting her sister when the others decided to make the test flight. Johnny had always been a Hot Rodder and saw the rocket as a thrill ride. He discovered that the cosmic rays enabling him to create fiery plasma all about his body.  He called himself the Human Torch.

6.    Benjamin Jacob Grimm – While in college he and Reed Richards were roommates and became lifelong friends. After college Grimm became a test pilot and astronaut. Even though he feared that the rocket could pass through cosmic rays, he agreed to pilot the ship. Grimm was transformed into an orange colored, thick-skinned, heavily muscled, and superhumanly strong “thing.”  He was also the only one that could not return to normal shape.


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