About Tuberculosis (TB)

By | May 31, 2007

1.   Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases known to effect humans.  It is cause by a bacteria.  The most common way for the bacteria to be spread is through the aur in tiny droplets caused by coughing, sneezing or speaking. 2.   Early symptoms of tuberculosis can include weight loss, fever, night sweats, and loss […]

Slang of the 1920’s

By | May 24, 2007

Applesauce In the 1920’s this word an expletive. Example: “Ah applesauce!” Tomato This usually referred to a dumb silly girl. Example: Did you understand a thing that tomato said. Biscuit Refers to a pretty girl who is open to advances. Example: Sue sure is cute biscuit. Squirrels Slang word for the police. Examples: Be on […]

Cheating in Baseball

By | May 22, 2007

Over the years that there has been professional baseball there has been those who cheated. Is it really any surprise that drugs (steroids as well as amphetamines and other legal and illegal supplements) have been used to help players? For that reason alone one would have to accept the records of Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, who […]

D.W. Griffith’s Silent Film ‘Birth of a Nation’

By | May 21, 2007

1. ‘The Birth of a Nation’ was produced and directed by D.W. Giffith and released on February 8, 1915. It starred Lillian Gish, Henry Walthall and Mae Walsh. The 3 hour 10 minute film was originally presented in two parts separated by an intermission. The film cost $110,000 (over 2 Million in 2006) and grossed […]

Accidental Discoveries

By | May 18, 2007

Sometimes when trying to do one thing another completely different item will turn up. Here are 10 accidental discoveries that many of us would not want to do without. One day in the 1940’s while George de Mestral, a Swiss inventor, was walking his dog he noticed that his pants got covered with cockleburs. When […]

Comic Book Superheroes The Fantastic Four

By | May 7, 2007

1.    The Fantastic four first appeared in November 1961 in Marvel Comics.  They were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. One legend has it that because of the success of DC Comics Justice League of American, Marvel wanted a super-team.  Lee and Kirby created a team that was like a family. In fact they […]

The Presidential Veto

By | May 3, 2007

The word veto does not appear in the United States Constitution. It states that all legislation passed by both houses of Congress be passed on to the President. The President can either sign the Bill into Law or if he disagrees with the Bill he returns it to Congress unsigned stating his objections in writing. […]

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