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By | Apr 25, 2007

1) When the American League expanded in 1969, the city of Seattle was awarded a franchise. The Seattle Pilots would see 1969 as their only year. At the end of the season, Bud Selig, who was working on a way to get baseball back in Milwaukee after the move by the Braves to Atlanta in 1966, purchased the team. Even though the league wanted the team to stay in Seattle they could not find any one to purchase the team and finally allowed Selig to complete the purchase. The Milwaukee Brewers began play in 1970 wearing uniforms that the Pilot logo could be clearly seen beneath the Brewers Logo. With the move the Milwaukee Brewers became the first team to lose a franchise after its first year, the 1901 American League Milwaukee Brewers mover to St. Louis to play in 1902, and reclaim a franchise after a team played one year in the League. The Brewers moved to the National League in 1998.

2) 1982 became a memorable year for the Brewers. They won the American League East, although they got a scare from a surging Baltimore Orioles team. The Orioles and the Brewers faced each other in a 4 game series at the end of the regular season with the Brewers having a 3 game lead. The Orioles won the first three games of the series and the two teams were tied. The winner of the final game would win the division. The Brewers were able to win. They lost the first 2 games of the American League championship series, but won the last three games over the California Angels. They took the World Series to 7 games, but lost game 7 and the series to the St. Louis Cardinals.

3) The 1982 Divisional title and American League pennant is the only post season appearance for the Brewers.

4) The Brewers have retired the uniform numbers; 4-Paul Molitor, 19-Robin Yount, 34-Rollie Fingers and 44-Hank Aaron. Aaron only played for the Milwaukee Brewers for the last 2 years of his career, but he also played from 1954-1965 in Milwaukee as a Braves. Announcer Bob Uecker is honored by retiring the number 50 as a tribute to his years of service to the team.

5) They play their home games in Miller Park. The stadium opened in 2001 and has a retractable roof. It has a capacity of 42.201.

6) The team is owned by Mark L. Attanasio who purchased the team from the Selig family in 2004. They are managed at the beginning of the 2007 season by Ned Yost.


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