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By | Apr 14, 2007

1) The Chicago White Sox was part of the final straw to turn the Western League, renamed the American League in 1900, to declare themselves a major League in 1901. Prior to 1901 the Western/American League was an underling of the National League requested permission to move the team from St. Paul to Chicago’s southside taking the former name of the Cubs, the White Stockings. After the 1900 season, in which the White Stockings won the pennant, the National League withdrew their permission. Because of this, the American League declared their selves a Major league. Writers from the Chicago Tribune began shortening the name to White Sox, after after scorekeeper Christoph Hynes wrote White Sox at the top of a scorecard rather than White Stockings. In 1903 the team officially adopted the name.

2) 1919 was a both a very good year and a very bad year for the White Sox. That team was considered one of the best in baseball and they ended the season with a .629 record. They were heavy favorites to win the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. But many of the players were angered by the cheap ways of the owner Charles Comiskey. First Baseman Chick Gandil was one of the most angered and created a plan to fix the outcome of the series. He made arrangement with gamblers and convince other players to join his plan. The White Sox went on to lose the series, but it was soon discovered that players cheated and gambled on the outcome. In all 8 players were banned for life, because of the series. Those players were Gandil, Oscar Flesch, Charles Risbery, Eddie Cicotte, Charles Williams, Fred McMullin, George Weaver and Joe Jackson. Jackson confessed to taking the money from the gamblers but said he did not play to lose. In the series he had a batting average of .375, threw out 5 base runners and had no errors in thirty chances. However in the games the White Sox lost his play was poorer than in those he won. Weaver was banned because he didn’t report the plan, even though he only attended one meeting and did not take a payoff.

3) The White Sox have won 4 Divisional titles. They have won 6 American League pennants, 2 of these before the first World Series. They won 3 World Series titles, but none between 1917 and 2005.

4) They have retired the uniform numbers; 2-Nellie Fox, 3-Harold Baines, 4-Luke Appling, 9-Minnie Miñoso, 11-Luis Aparicio, SS, 16-Ted Lyons, 19-Billy Pierce, 72-Carlton Fisk. The number 35 worn by Frank Thomas has not been reissued since he left the team in 2005. It is assumed that once he retires that this number too will be retired.

5) They play their home games in U.S Cellular Field. The Park opened in 1991 as Comiskey Park, taking the name of the park they had played in since 1910. It was renamed U.S Cellular Field in 2004 when U.S Cellular bought the naming right for 20 years. The park has a capacity of 40,615.

6) The team is owned by Jerry Reinsdorf and Eddie Einhorn. At the beginning of the 2007 season they are managed by the Ozzie Guillen.


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