About the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays

By | Apr 30, 2007

1) On March 31, 1998 the Arizona Diamondbacks play their first first game in front of 50,179 fans against the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies would win that first game. In the game Travis Lee would collect their first hit (a first inning single). Later in the game he would hit a homer. That homer would […]

About the Florida Marlins

By | Apr 28, 2007

1) When Major League Baseball announced that they would be expanding the National League in 1993, Wayne Huizenga led the effort to have an expansion in put in Miami. The team was named the Marlins for the fish in which he said, “… is a fierce fighter and an adversary that tests your mettle.” On […]

About the Seattle Mariners

By | Apr 26, 2007

1) When the Pilots moved from Seattle to become the Milwaukee Brewers, the city of Seattle filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball. Finally Seattle was awarded another franchise and in 1977 the Seattle Mariners began play. It wouldn’t be until 1991 that the Mariners would have their first winning team. 2) In 2001 the […]

About the Milwaukee Brewers

By | Apr 25, 2007

1) When the American League expanded in 1969, the city of Seattle was awarded a franchise. The Seattle Pilots would see 1969 as their only year. At the end of the season, Bud Selig, who was working on a way to get baseball back in Milwaukee after the move by the Braves to Atlanta in […]

About the Kansas City Royals

By | Apr 24, 2007

1) Shortly after the Athletics left Kansas City for Oakland in 1967, they were granted a team with the expansion of 1969. Ewing Kauffman won a bidding war for the team and named them after the American Royal Livestock Show. With smart trades that brought Amos Otis, Cookie Rojas and Fred Patek to the team, […]

About the San Diego Padres

By | Apr 23, 2007

1) From 1936-1968 the Pacific Coast League had a team from San Diego named the Padres. When the National League expanded into San Diego it was natural for the team to adopt that name and its legacy. 2) In 1973 the Padres drafted from the University of Minnesota Dave Winfield. Winfield was a star outfielder […]

About the Washington Nationals

By | Apr 22, 2007

1) In some ways the Washington Nationals may feel more like the old Washington Senators (1903-1960: moved to Minnesota or 1961-1971; moved to Texas), but they began their existence in the National League as the Montreal Expos when each League expanded from 10 to 12 in 1969. The franchise was moved to Washington in 2005. […]

About the Houston Astros

By | Apr 21, 2007

1) When Major League Baseball decided to expand in the early 1960’s, Houston joined the New York Mets in the National League. They began play in 1962 as the Houston Colt .45’s. The owner Judge Roy Hofheinz in and effort to show off the team had the players wear blue cowboy suits with matching hats […]

About the New York Mets

By | Apr 20, 2007

1) As a counter measure to the formation of a new Major League, the Continental League, Major League Baseball decided to expand. They made a deal with the Continental League that ensured their folding. One of the four teams that were created was the New York Mets. The owners of the new National League franchise […]

About the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

By | Apr 19, 2007

[digg=http://digg.com/baseball/6_Things_to_Consider_About_the_Los_Angeles_Angels_of_Anaheim/] 1) Prior to The Dodgers and the Giants moving to California, when looking at Major League Baseball one would think that there wasn’t any west of Kansas City. Beginning with its formation in 1903, the same year as the first World Series, the Pacific Coast League, officially classified as a minor league, played baseball […]

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