Before moving to VoIP

By | Mar 10, 2007

1. How robust is your network? With VoIP network traffic will be increased. Both the internal network, also term Intranet and the external network need to be addressed. If you are experiencing slow time with your present network, to move to VoIP it will need to be upgraded as well. Your Intranet needs to have data switches and not older hubs.

2. What is the speed of your connection to the Internet? Many small businesses use DSL or Cable Modems to connect to the Internet. While these services are idea for normal Internet traffic VoIP may require more bandwidth.

3. How are you going to power the phones? Many telephone systems deliver power to the telephone sets via the cable from the control unit. VoIP services may not do this. Telephones may need to be powered by bulky transformers at the desk. VoIP telephones can be powered through the cabling plan, but unless the existing data switches have Power Over Ethernet (POE) you wwill either have to purchase new hardware or have the bulky transformers.

4. What are the plans for power failure? Older telephone systems may have battery backup on the central unit so that during power failures the telephone will continue to work. In VoIP systems you need to be sure that the power to the telephone set as well as the network equipment to the Internet is there.

5. What telephone number will you get? Is it important for you business to have a local number? Some providers may not be able to offer to you a local telephone number. They also may not be able to transfer your current telephone number to their service.

6. Will you be paying for unused services? If you have a maintenance contracts on your present system or services from a carrier? How long will be until it ends? Can you cancel service without penalties?


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