Preparing a house For Sale

By | Feb 24, 2007

1)    Perform a house inspection.  Repair the major items that may put questions in a purchaser’s mind.  By having an inspection done prior to the sale you’ll be prepared. Don’t forget to repair those little items that have been left undone such as painting the trim, patching cracks and oiling squeaks.

2)    Clean and pack.  Clear the house of as much clutter as possible.  A new purchaser will be looking at how the rooms will fit into their lifestyle and not how you have used them.  Too much stuff can make a room look smaller and having personal processions, such as family pictures and mementos may take the purchaser’s attention away from the assets of the house.

3)    Organize the rooms for the best impact.  You will want to place the furniture to highlight the focal points of the room.

4)    Make the floors as attractive as possible.  Even spotless floors may look bad if they are dated or worn.  Replacing an old worn carpet with a newer one may be the best option.  If that’s the cast use a neutral shade and style.

5)    The outside of the house is just as important as the inside.  It’s a good idea to clean the yard of all debris, trim the bushes and trees, and plant some nice flowers.  Don’t forget to check the driveway and repairs cracks.  Have this done before having the brochure picture taken.  This many times is first impression that many buyers have and you want to make a good one.

6)    Set a fair price.  Look at the market values of houses that just sold in your area, compare them to yours and set a value that is fair for both you and the buyer.


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