When developing a website

By | Feb 16, 2007

1) Take a trip on the Information Highway. Look at what others are doing to get an idea for your site. Determine the amount of pages that you may want and remember that users generally do not click through more than 2 pages to get the information for which they are searching.

2) Determine the price you want to pay. The cost for development will depend on the complexity of the website as well as experience of the designer. How often will your site need updating? You want your users to come back so you don’t want a static site. The cost for updates needs to be factored into the total cost.

3) If hiring a web designer, check the references. The references should include both, client satisfaction as well as site url’s. Look at the sites they’ve worked on. If they don’t look pleasing to you, you probably don’t want them to develop yours. Also have a detail written estimate

4) In the agreement determine who shall hold the copyright for the site. While all developers will agree that the text on your site is yours, the template they may want to keep as their own. All copyrights should be yours. Make sure you receive from them a disk with the source code for your site and an agreement that after their contact expires you can go to another developer and use the same template.

5) Determine where will the web site be hosted. Some developers also offer web hosting. You may also want to consider having your own web server. If you don’t own your domain name and the developer is registering for you, make sure it’s registered in your name and that you have the information required to go to the registration site to make changes as needed.

6) Consider using a student. Many high school and college students are developing websites for personal or use. By hiring them to do your website, you may be able to pay less and get the same results as having a professional develop it.


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