About Maryland’s Governor

By | Jan 18, 2007

1)  Maryland’s Governor is elected by the people of Maryland to a four-year term.  Maryland’s constitution prohibited from serving more than two consecutive terms. So far no one who has left office has ever run for a later term.

2)  The appointment powers of the governor is great since there are over 6000 public employees that serve under the will of the governor.

3) Under the Maryland Constitution of 1776, the first authorized after the Declaration of Independence, the Governor was chosen annually by the a joint ballot of both houses of the General Assembly.  It wasn’t until 1868 that the Governor was elected by the entire population of the state.

4)  There were 28 Governors under the Maryland’s Constitution of 1776, 5 under the amendments of 1838, 3 under the Constitution of 1851,  1 Thomas Swann under the Constitution of 1864 and 28 under the present Constitution approved in 1867.

5)  The Governor’s official residence is the Government House, a Georgian Mansion adjacent to the State House in Annapolis.

6)  On January 17, 2007, the day before his 44th birthday, Martin O’Malley was sworn in as the Governor of Maryland.  He won the office by beating the incumbent Republican Robert Ehrlich.


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