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By | Jan 5, 2007

1) The first college football game was played under rules similar to the 1863 rules of the English Football Association and looking more like soccer than modern football. It was between a team from Rutgers College (now Rutgers University) and the College of New Jersey (Princeton University) on November 6, 1869.

2) The first Bowl games was in 1902. It was played between Michigan and Stanford, with Michigan winning 49-0. The term Bowl originates from the shape of the stadium in Pasadena, California.

3) The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award is awarded annually to the most outstanding collegiate football player. The award was first awarded in 1935 to Jay Berwanger, a Halfback from Chicago. The Trophy is named after John Heisman, who was a college football player, coach and athletics director of the Downtown Athletic Club in 1935. Archie Griffin, a running back for Ohio State is the only person to win the award twice (1974 & 1975). Ohio State’s Troy Smith is the 2006 winner.

4) Michigan has the most wins of any school in Division 1-A. Notre Dame is second and Texas third.

5) Bobby Bowden, who has coached for 40 years has the most wins as a coach. Joe Paterno is second. Both of these men have over 350 wins. The next nearest is still short of 200 wins in their career.

6) President Gerald Ford was a Center at Michigan and was good enough to be drafted by the NFL. His number 48 has been retired by the school.


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