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By | Jan 1, 2007

1) Some of the people who died in 2006 who you may not have realized. Janette Carter, 82, last living member of the Carter Family country music group, January 22.
Savino Guglielmetti, 94, Italian gymnast, 1928 Olympic gold-medalist and oldest surviving Olympic champion, January 23.
Anna Malle, 38, American adult film actress, January 25.
Phil Brown, 89, American actor, best known for playing “Uncle Owen” Lars in Star Wars, February 9.
Bill Cowsill, 58, American singer, lead of The Cowsills, February 17.
Octavia Butler, 58, Black Science Fiction author, February 24.
Raymond B. Atkinson, 74, Farmer and my Dad, March 2.
Pauline Gregg, 96, author, historian and biographer, March 11.
Mohammad Ali, 78, Pakistani actor, March 19.
Maggie Dixon, 28, women’s basketball coach at United States Military Academy, April 6.
Grady McWhiney, 77, American historian, April 18.
Bill Kirschner, 97, American inventor of the first commercially successful fiberglass skis, founder of the K2 Corporation, member of the United States National Ski Hall of Fame, April 22.
Louis Rukeyser, 73, business and economics expert, May 2.
Nichola Goddard, 26, Captain in Canadian Forces, first female Canadian soldier since WW II to be killed in combat, May 17.
Mary Margaret Smith, 112, Ohio’s oldest person, May 23.
Gloria Jones, 78, American socialite, widow of James Jones and mother of Kaylie Jones, June 9.
George Washington, 76, American boxing trainer, June 11.
Jim Baen, 62, science fiction editor and publisher, June 28.
Kasey Rogers, 80, American actress (Bewitched), July 6.
Rupert Pole, 87, American actor, forest ranger, and former co-husband of bigamist Anais Nin, July 15.
Emmeline Brice, 111, oldest Briton, July 26.
Duke Jordan, 84, American bebop jazz pianist, August 8.
Herschel Green, 86, American World War II fighter ace, August 16.
Burt Goldblatt, 82, American jazz album cover designer, August 30.
Robert Earl Jones, 96, American actor, father of James Earl Jones, September 7.
Mickey Hargitay, 80, Hungarian former Mr. Universe and actor, ex-husband of Jayne Mansfield, father of Mariska Hargitay, September 14.
Charles L. Grant, 64, horror and science fiction author and editor, September 15.
Wilson Tucker, 91, American science fiction writer, October 6.
Harold Gardner, 107, WWI veteran, served a single day prior to the November 11 armistice, October 16.
Stephen Kaye, 75, American lawyer and author, October 30.
Paul Mauriat, 81, French musician, November 3.
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, 98, co-author of Cheaper by the Dozen, November 4.
Chris Hayward, 81, creator of Dudley Do-Right and co-creator of The Munsters, November 20.
J. B. Hunt, Sr., 79, American trucking executive and founder of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., December 7.
Alan Shugart, 76, American pioneer of the disk drive and co-founder of Seagate Technology, December 12.
Dennis Linde, 63, American songwriter (Burning Love), December 22.

2) Sports Championships: The College football season ended with Texas beating the favorites USC.
The Super Bowl was won by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who started as the 6th seed in the AFC, defeating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10.
Florida won the men’s NCAA basketball Championship by defeating UCLA and the Women’s champion were Maryland winning in overtime over North Carolina.
In Pro Basketball Miami beat Dallas 4 games to 2. To end the tenth anniversary season of the WNBA, the Detroit Shock and Sacramento Monarchs played one of the most exciting series of all-time with Detroit coming out as champions.
After having no hockey in 2005 the NHL Stanley cup champions were the Carolina Hurricanes, who won in 7 games against the Edmonson Oilers.
The Baseball World series went to the St Louis Cardinals against the unbelievable Detroit Tigers.
The NASCAR season ended with Jimmie Johnson as the top driver.

3) Events – A major story was the ever-changing price of Gas reaching its peak in mid-summer.
The year ended with the deaths of Saddam Hussein, hung by his own people on war-crime charges and Gerald Ford, 38th and longest living president of the United States.
In the November elections the power left the control of the Republicans and into the ‘Middle of the Road’ Democrats.
The number of lives lost in by US soldiers in Iraq passed the number that was killed in the World Trade Center.

4) Entertainment –Tony awards, Oscar, Grammy’s. These awards were for performances of 2005. Check back in a few months for the winters of these awards.

5) Technology – Apple Computer continued to be one of the leading technology companies with continuing sales of the iPod music player and iTunes store. Their computer sales increased.
The Department of Treasury declared that the Federal Excise Tax on Long-Distance telephone calls was not valid, ceased collecting it and in 2007 will give refunds to businesses and individuals through their IRS income tax filing.
The US owned Lucent Technologies was purchased by the French telecommunications company Alcatel.
The FCC on December 29, 2006 voted to allow the merger of SBC and ATT, the last hurtle to the landmark telecommunications merger.

6) Changing from one year to another is just a way of measuring time. There is nothing special about 2007 that makes it any different than 2006 or even 1907. We all live one day at a time, one minute to the next.


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