If planning to upgrade to Vista

By | Dec 21, 2006

1)  Check to see if your hardware will be able to run Vista. Vista will be more demanding than any previous versions of Windows.  It will need a 1Ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM and a high-end video card to be ‘Premium Ready’.

2)  Which Vista version will you need. There will be five editions of Vista. Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. It may not be confusing on which to use for Business or Home, but  it could be confusing on which version to use for each purpose.

3)  Assess the network infrastructure. Vista will be able to use the new IPv6 and you may want to move to it.

4)  Before moving check that there are Vista drivers for all components that you use and need. Older drivers may not work with the new system and new drivers may not have be developed yet.

5)  Do you need to move to Vista. Each version of windows have in the opinion of many just gotten bloated and hard to manage. It may be best to remain with your current software.  Support person will need to be trained before migrating and if needed consultants hire. These will increase the implementation cost.

6)  Address all options. You may want to migrate to a version of Linux and not use Windows at all.


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